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My name is Angel Jackson. I am a junior at the University of South Alabama, majoring in Elementary Education. I chose this field not only because I love kids but also because this is my calling. I love to have fun with children by playing games and teaching lessons. I enjoy incorporating a little fun into everything. My roommates always tell me "Your kids are going to love you because you're so fun." Currently I work at the Gulf Coast Exploreum, a science center, and for the University in the Communication Department. I have been working at the Exploreum for 3 years now. I enjoy working there because I teach the camps that it has open for kids during summer, spring, and winter breaks. While working in the Communication Department it helps me develop listening and communicating skills, which I will definitely need while teaching. I am so interested in how people learn so I'm planning to take up Psychology or Counseling after I finish my Education degree in 2010.

My Teaching Philosophy
My personal values are honesty, commitment, leadership, respect for others, and creativity. I am and will continue to carry out my responsibilities as a teacher by presenting my values to my students, student’s parents, and peers.

I express honesty to my peers and will do the same with my students and students’ parents by showing them that they can trust me in the simplest situations. My students’ parents will be able to trust me with their children in the school and outside of the school.

I have shown commitment by staying in school and working hard. I will continue to do so by showing my students and their parents that I am dedicated and committed to them and their education.

I show leadership by guiding others and being able to follow others as well. I express to my students that to be a leader, you have to be a follower. My students learn how to take charge from others and be in charge of others.

I show respect by giving respect. I teach my students the secret behind the old saying “treat others the way you want to be treated.” You have to respect yourself before you can respect anyone else. I teach my students to demand and expect respect from others.

I show creativity to my students by teaching them to be individuals. I teach my student to take value in which they are and to express who they are. Through art activities, I inform my students to not be “cookie-cutters”. I allow my students to use their imagination while doing projects and activities.

My priorities are my students and making sure they learn what they need to be productive individuals in today’s society. My students can expect to leave my classroom, with the help of my peers, being knowledgeable to live a productive life.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Google Documents

I will use Google Documents in the classroom as well. This will eliminate the hassle of my students and their parents buying and carrying around disks and usb storage drives. A Google document is free and no more what computer the students get on they will always be able to access Google documents. With Google documents, my students will be able to write word documents and do presentations among other things.

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